Meet the Maker

Howdy! I am Emily, co-owner of The Homestead Farm! I live in Virginia with my husband and three dogs! In my free time I make candles, wax melts, soaps, body products, essential oils, beard products and more! I love making things and I am always creating something! I must also add that I love a good smell (this and boredom is what got me into candle making in the first place)! AND get this! My middle name is "Candler" which means "A person who makes candles", it is a family name from my Grandmothers side.
  At our farm market we grow our gardens organically and provide fresh produce to our community. I enjoy being outdoors and I absolutely love plants! I also am the baker at our market, all of our baked goods are truly homemade from scratch. I make a joke that "baking chose me" because I wouldn't have thought that I would end up making 40+ pies a week along with cakes, breads, etc.
From reading all of this, now you know that I love a good smell, I love making things, I love plants, I love baking but most of all I love all of you who make this dream a possibility, I couldn't be doing this without you. Thank you so much!